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A concept of introducing predictive agriculture, automation, robotics and artificial intelligent to traditional agriculture to make it more sustainable and efficient.  

  • Agri-tech is now taking a lead to deal with the uncertainties existing in agriculture due to ever changing climatic patterns, and to make agriculture a sustainable human activity. The machine learning and artificial intelligence based, and big data driven agri-tech solutions can help in taking more yields from the same or even lesser space and resources. 
  • Genetically engineered seeds, and development of fertilizers and pesticides are already contribute to the agriculture industry. Several multinational corporations now have adopted agri-tech based business models for the growth potential it offers to investors. 
  • Agri-tech innovations are largely driven by the application of the technologies initially developed for other industries in agriculture.


The science of practicing farming which includes both cultivation of crops from soil and rearing of animals for food, wool and other products.


The science of garden cultivation and management.


The science of garden cultivation and management.

Green Automation


Waste to Energy Tech

AI and Transformation of Food

Open Livestock

Blockchain for Food

Innovation in Food Supply Chain

Automating Farming

Standards for Food

Machine Learning in Supply Chain

Automatic Harvest Equipment

Agri-Tech and Healthcare

Measures and Manages Plants

Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture

Data Driven Farming

Sensing Technology in Farming

A concept of understanding the crops at micro-scale, conserve the resources and reducing the impact of climatic change by deploying various sensors and mapping technologies.

Remote Sensing and Monitoring

The concept of obtaining the information on plants, crops, fields or a phenomenon without any physical contact.

Blossoming IoT

Smart Water Systems (SWS)

A data driven approach to manage and operate the water networks across the communities to improve an overall efficiency and reliability.

Agricultural Analytics

It is the concept of generating data driven actionable insights to make timely decisions to improve agronomic opportunities.

Precision Farming​

It is also called Satellite Farming or Site Specific Crop Management (SSCM). It is a concept of observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops.​